Polypropylene Soakwell Installation Service

All About Soakwells offers the installation of 140 litre polypropylene soakwells using our 1 tonne micro excavator. This machine is tiny at only 720mm wide and can fit through garden gates and even household doors!

This pricing is limited to installation of the polypropylene soakwells only, we can also provide a quote for installing the stormwater piping and excess spoil.

All prices are based on the assumption the ground is sandy with no rocks or clay. We have a rock breaker available for hard digging but extra charges apply.

PRICE GUIDE - 140 polypropylene soakwells, supplied and installed

  • Four - 2m x 0.5m - $500.00 +GST

  • Six - 3m x 0.5m - $700.00 +GST

  • Eight - 4m x 0.5m - $950.00 +GST

  • Ten - 5m x 0.5m - $1070.00 +GST

  • Twelve - 6m x 0.5m - $1200.00 +GST

  • Fourteen - 7m x 0.5m - $1400.00 +GST

  • Sixteen - 8m x 0.5m - $1550.00 +GST

  • All prices correct as of 

Additional Details:

Add $100.00 +GST for every polypropylene soakwell after sixteen.

Compaction is also available for a flat rate of $100.00 +GST

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