Soakwell Cleaning and Maintenance

All About Soakwells services and maintains soakwells. We can suck out all the spoil and debris from the soakwells and inspect interconnecting pipes with our 20m long inspection camera.

The vacuum fitted to the truck sucks up all debris including water from the soakwells and is charged at an hourly rate. Each visit will also include an hour of travel as well any return trips to empty the tank (if required).

Our quote also includes the disposal of the spoil. Ideally during servicing there will be no water in the soakwells to help reduce disposal costs and time charged.

  PLEASE NOTE: Quotes are an estimation based on the minimum hire, the number of soakwells to be cleaned and estimated spoil to be removed. Hours may vary due to difficulties encountered such as hard ground, groundwater or access issues.


The truck must be able to access within 1.5m of the soakwell with no overhead impediments and a suitable sealed surface to travel on.


The grates on the soakwell covers need to be in good condition and easily opened and closed without causing damage. It is the clients responsibility to ensure the operator always has easy access to the grates.


The quote is based on the assumption the spoil is soft. The spoil is sucked into the tanker for disposal off site. Extra time needed due to breaking up spoil in the soakwells or any other unforseen circumstances will be charged at the hourly rate.

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General Information

Soakwells should generally be maintained every two years to avoid a build up of hydrocarbons contaminating the sand.

Depending on the reason for the cleaning, the waste may be considered either controlled or non-controlled. Controlled waste must be disposed of according to strict guidelines (additional charges apply).

Certain types of contamination can penetrate deep into the sand. This type of issue can require the removal of more material than normal. Clean sand must then be added to bring the level back up to the base of the soakwell.

In some cases of extreme contamination it may not be possible to bring the soakwell back to a functional capacity and an additional soakwell may be required.

In some situations soakwells may not be draining simply due to the water level in the area.